8 June 2021. Gangs, lunchtimes, annual refresher, scenarios, OFSTED & more. Do you know when and why asbestos is a problem? The care homes whistleblowing policy and procedure, including the support and information available. Service provider: The Key Support Services Limited, The Key Support Services Limited, 2007 - 2023. What induction process will they have and what supervision? Download. The term safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is defined within KCSiE as: 1. <>>> Together with safeguarding leads (where this is not the registered manager), make sure that care staff are learning from each training opportunity by: Support line managers to encourage staff to apply their learning through supervision and appraisals, acknowledging where staff have shown: Safeguarding adults in care homes NICE guideline covering various aspects including immediate actions if abuse or neglect is considered or suspected, supporting staff and residents, and learning from concerns and enquiries. What is personal data? The parent regularly helped with the football team. Looking for further safeguarding resources and training? Mental Health, Staff training. everyone. focuses on what a governor needs to know to undertake their role correctly. A s a . x]>UQJehIrk)gWCO-9&{_n"C;w[ tFw)*^wEYV +TEU2^Vh$+=y'7w 6]oOW=}_GIYMSar_'7/+++Yy^ Suitable for: All staff, Topics covered: Latest updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1, Session length: 1 hour. PK ! Once the updated guidance comes into force, copy the link below to send it to staff ask them to read the pdf called 'Keeping children safe in education: for school and college staff (part 1)'. If you are an eLearning administrator you will still be able to view your staff results and download certificates. Register now It is important to continually assess staff knowledge and check compliance with legislation and statutory guidance. All school and college staff should. (EYFS 2021) Changes . eLearning course will have taken the same assessment as part of their course. 1 0 obj What support do you have in place to deal with these times? The following quiz contains basic safeguarding questions from its definition to its cultural aspect. MC Education (West Midlands) Ltd. All Rights Reserved. You have had no notification from the parents. The Designated Safeguarding Lead can agree access for staff through the ' Your Setting ' page. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. This questionnaire will test knowledge in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults and is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable adults during work, voluntary or leisure activities. Staff who completed the 'Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials'eLearning course will have taken the same assessment as part of their course. What are the signs and symptoms of neglect? Would you speak to the childs parents if you suspected sexual abuse. Do you know what support is available locally and nationally? quiztakes the knowledge required to the next level for admin staff. Safeguarding aims to protect learners from a wide range of potential harm, and looks at preventative action, not just reaction Safeguarding is used to check the backgrounds of people working with children Safeguarding means investigating any suspicion of abuse Catch22 Online Safeguarding Test Catch22 Online Safeguarding Test Harry Potter House Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong To. 8ulOURe6:wCy`_ZD+/*epF-D/!%'k.bvcrp`d4N'AD ]2fhD:I/0;^; n= R {^;X}^{tN >E6>IOMqpOLA@)! All those working with children and young people within a school. How do I? Licences enable access to the full quiz. Less obvious indicators and more complex safeguarding concerns. 5 April 2021. Keeping Children Safe in Education Quiz 2022. KCSiE2022 quiz answers Keeping Children Safe in Education - September 2022 Follow up quiz for school staff Question Answer 1 Who has responsibility for safeguarding in your school? How to act in a child's best interests. Do you know what procedures you should follow and what support is available for that child? 3 How does the admin use the analysis tool? Or, use the elearning to refresh staff's safeguarding knowledge during . You can also use it to plan specific training to align with upcoming safeguarding awareness days. Safeguarding and legal principles under the Care Act 2014 and supporting statutory guidance. Safeguarding children and young people is an ongoing responsibility for all staff working in education and care settings. What policy in the nursery would you refer to if you witnessed a colleague acting in an appropriate manner? 5.0 (1 review) . This quiz helps school leaders esnure that staff understand the document. Is it up to date? 2023 Safeguarding Network. Friends of the child do not know where they are and have not seen them over the holiday period. Check that staff literacy levels and IT skills mean they can use it effectively. PK ! We have divided the questions into areas covering: Who are these questions for? Safeguarding Training Pathway Template . Staff results will feed into yourtraining dashboard. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Checking staff understanding of safeguarding after their induction and training, and identifying areas where further support is needed. 2006 2017 What is the Department for Educations document Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)? How often should you refresh your safeguarding training? Recommendations and learning from any relevant Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) which should be available from the local Safeguarding Adults Board. Copy the link below to invite your staff to the course. Safeguarding children and young people is an ongoing responsibility for all staff working in education and care settings. Activities, Resources, Safeguarding, Staff training. Are you a member of The Key Safeguarding? Complete mandatory safeguarding training as soon as possible, and within 6 weeks of joining the team. Know more Show Answers See Preview 1. Quiz: Which Premier League Team Should I Support? 2 0 obj Pupil mental health: deepening understandingPupil mental health: anxiety, Pupil mental health: self-harm and suicidal ideationPupil mental health: depression. answer choices. What does your school do to create a culture where peer-on-peer abuse is not accepted? Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff Royal College of Nursing. A young person sends you a Facebook request. Staff described how security were called to his behaviour on five separate occasions and how one nurse raised concerns about his aggression in an incident form in December 2021 after he had . Ideal for an annual update, Helps remember the complexity of the many. Children's Residential Care and Alternative Provision. Are there care procedures in place to support the child and the family? Early Years Careers provides a supportive forum where Early Years professionals can value the sharing of best practice to help deliver outstanding practice in Early Years settings and enhance Continuous professional development. .'Duty of Care' means that anyone who works with children has a duty to protect them from harm and to promote their welfare. What should you consider during recruitment? It is important to continually assess staff knowledge and check compliance with legislation and statutory guidance. Costs. Whole school reporting and the option of individual feedback reports to aid training of your . Asking about abuse and neglect sensitively and in a non-judgemental manner. A pupil comes to you and tells that they have been self-harming. It is everyone's responsibility and, if you work with children or families, you must be aware of the role you play in child protection. What action should you take in the event of a fire. Child welfare and well-being is a priority and fast responses and early intervention are critical to outcomes. Staff who completed the 'Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials'. Should governors review the Single Central Record? Raising safeguarding concerns in the care home and what response to expect. You have a pupil in your class that has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. Log in. Escalating concerns if staff are not satisfied with the response, or if the concern is about the actions of the manager. There is an incident between two pupils which requires a member of staff to physically intervene. https://t.co/5p3y6OTUDp pic.twitter.com/LLFftJI98Y. Q. Safeguarding is the responsibility of the managers within an Early Years Setting. Their results can be found below. Education Keeping Children Safe in Education says that all staff should have read Part 1. If youd like to find out more about joining, simply click below. You need to be logged in to access this resource. Once the updated guidance comes into force, copy the link below to send it to staff ask them to read the pdf called 'Keeping children safe in education: for school and college staff (part 1)'. You work in a school building that dates to the 1950s so there is a risk of the building containing asbestos. Applies to the day-to-day role and responsibilities of the person being trained, and the care and support needs of the people they are working with. What are the key messages for staff in this important document? We've created a copy of this guide that you can print and share: Good practice in safeguarding training (PDF). Examples to illustrate how safeguarding relates to personalised care and human rights. If a child discloses FGM to you, you must A Seek advice from Children's Social Services B Read Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) C Wait to discuss with the Designated Safeguarding Lead before reporting to the police D Refer immediately to . The audit includes over 25 questions and should take no more than 15 minutes . endobj 3 0 obj Suggested staff: Leadership team, governors, trustees, DSL, Suggested staff:Heads of year, pastoral staff, DSL, SENDCO, Who should answer these questions? Mandatory safeguarding training should cover a range of topics to ensure staff understand key principles as well as what they need to do in practice. Premises team, catering staff, leadership, staff with health and safety responsibility (first aiders, fire wardens), staff that have responsibility for pupils with medical needs. You can also use it to plan specific training to align with upcoming safeguarding awareness days. Please note, the questions in this assessment are the same as the questions in the assessment at the end of the 'Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials' eLearning. Reflects individual safeguarding responsibilities, with more comprehensive training provided where appropriate (for example, to line managers and safeguarding champions). Last downloaded on. indicators of individual abuse and neglect (PDF), indicators of organisational abuse and neglect (PDF). Training is one way of making sure this happens. For staff who don't work directly with children, you can opt to share the new condensed version (annex A in the full version of KCSIE) instead. Test staff knowledge and understanding of KCSIE part 1 with our assessment. There are two quizzes on 2022 changes - 1 for staff and 1 for leaders. The different forms of abuse and neglect (including organisational abuse). Size: 139.36 KB. 7 Safeguarding Scenarios for Early Years Settings. * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name School Name * Try the free quizzes now using the app. Membership is 99+VAT a term for the whole school and includes our Keeping Children Safe in Education audit tool, together with . What is ADHD and what should be done to support children with ADHD? Arrange refresher training if the annual check indicates this is needed. What does your school policy say about receiving gifts? Use the following set of questions to test your staffs knowledge on duty of care within your school. The EYFS questions & answers for quizzes and worksheets - Quizizz Education The EYFS Rose Baynes 55 plays 15 questions Copy & Edit Live Session Assign Introducing new Paper mode No student devices needed. Sexual violence and sexual harassment (53). A relevant quiz about this key document 'Sexual Violence and Harassment in Schools & Colleges' prioritised as a result of OFSTED's review in 2021. 3 How does the admin use the analysis tool? For staff who don't work directly with children, you can opt to share the new condensed version (annex A in the full version of KCSIE) instead. Supporting a resident through an enquiry. n[ n [Content_Types].xml ( Mo0]Xi7=v*h$mh+1.z1|G`1{k[I{Wr Quizzes last 10 to 15 minutes. False. Request a quote today and see how much you can save. A child gives you a gift from their holiday. Use our elearning course 'Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials 2021/22' to induct new starters at your school. What do you know about mental health and children? Quick guides published before March 2020 may contain images that do not reflect government COVID-19 guidelines. All the key information from Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1 is covered. Definition of Safeguarding: Safeguarding and legal principles under the Care Act 2014 and supporting statutory guidance. Ensuring any agency staff are appropriately trained and understand the local safeguarding policy and procedure. Keeping Children Safe in Education (2021) - sections relevant to your role. Staff Safeguarding Training Record 2022-2023 . What are the signs and symptoms of physical abuse? It sets out the legal duties you must follow to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people under the age of 18 in schools and colleges. All staff can access over 35 courses on an unlimited basis for one annual price that is based on pupil-roll numbers, and not per-learner. Can staff or trainee teachers recall safeguarding training? How do you know they know?Quick, flexible quizzes in an app. The first table lists the quizzes that are free. Try this safeguarding exam MCQ quiz and improve your knowledge regarding your responsibilities as a safeguard. What the 4 main types of abuse are and how to spot them. <> 3. Protecting children from maltreatment 2. What would you do if you had a concern about a child? Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021, part 1 - assessment. Changes in the 2022 'Keeping Children Safe in Education'. Question 1: What is the name of the document that all staff are expected to have read? The next table covers all of the licenced quizzes. Do you have a bereavement policy in place? As a minimum, mandatory training should include: Training should be ongoing, building on content covered in the mandatory course. The wide range of situations and circumstances in which abuse and neglect can occur. Delivery method: Face-to-face or remotely, Topics covered: Latest updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1 Tackling sexism and sexual harassment in your school, Contents: An adaptable presentation, facilitator notes, staff activities, staff handouts and remote delivery guidance. If you need further information, please call us on 01327 552030, email us at hello . All learning opportunities, including training, team meetings, supervision and handovers, should make use of: E-learning (self-directed by staff) should only be used when face-to-face training (including via video conferencing) led by a trainer is not possible. Online safety - staff and leaders (12 & 13), Clearly, the most important part of 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' is, A quiz to check and support staff awareness of, Working Together to Safeguard Children - Summary (45). Your Local Education Authority Training Courses, Female Genital Mutilation online training course, National Childrens Food Festival Week 2016, Celebrating National Childrens Food Festival 2016, Early Years Mock Ofsted Inspection Booklet. We have divided the questions into areas covering: Safeguarding Compliance Wellbeing Health and Safety Test safeguarding knowledge Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials 2021/22. <> Is this true or false? Use this checklist to make sure your staff are totally up-to-speed with their statutory safeguarding obligations throughout the spring term. A Protecting Children from Abuse B Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2020 Part 1, Part 5 and Annex C Working Together to Protect Children We also offer a range of safeguarding courses covering child protection training, safeguarding, and e-safety training for Schools, organisations and individuals including Dentists , Equestrians , Childcarers, Early Years Providers and Training Providers. who is responsible for safeguarding, who is responsible for developing the safeguarding policy). In 2 to 2.5 hours, staff will learn: What safeguarding is and why it's important. Teacher Personality Test: What Is Your Teacher Personality? How is personal data used in your school and how is it protected by all staff? Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone's responsibility. K-xQtHc:R}rj}k|~|r -Ywl"bK|E~6^muk[~qz=-zD%/OV%'`:z}XV_q*E OWk__KF*p9}=DUNceR~tA1)=^Tg%ukw#?>oX3v 7_ JPy ?V)Kl/bQ3}'Ytw$=z} File type: DOCX. Monthly training resources to use in staff meetings; Reference documents for additional information; Handouts for school staff summarising each topic; Quiz/scenarios to test staff understanding. About Us; Media; Partnerships; Weveupdatedour content to reflectKeeping Children Safe in Education 2021. ZI7 word/document.xml]8}F=oWb\^;fb~%Va/Y $(J.K*K2'L$?. Our online learning service contains all you need to train staff on Safeguarding, Compliance, Wellbeing and Health & Safety. It is an Ofsted requirement that all employees who are in contact with children receive safeguarding training. Take a trial. Safeguarding Quiz App 4 Schools & ITT (@safeguardquiz) June 17, 2021 Half-termly discounts & updates sign up. responsible for in terms of safeguarding? Each scenario is designed to prompt a 5-10 minute discussion around a specific safeguarding situation and can either be printed and shared with staff or displayed using the interactive PowerPoint provided. If your school subscribes to safeguarding network then the knowledge check costs just 99p+VAT per person. A major issue identified in KCSIE - give your staff some tips on background information. Which of these options is the most accurate definition of safeguarding? Helping staff understand the indicators of abuse and neglect so that they can identify safeguarding concerns more accurately. Have enough protected time for their induction and training, allowing them to read and understand the materials, and improve their knowledge and confidence about safeguarding. 7 Safeguarding Scenarios for Schools and Youth Workers. 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